2019 Election of the Board of Directors of Roanoke Cooperative Association Ltd. DBA Roanoke Co+op
  • You must currently be an owner of Roanoke Co+op.
  • Vote for up to three candidates.
  • For online voting, check the box of the person(s) you wish to vote for, up to THREE candidates, and then select "VOTE!”
  • To vote online, log in by entering your 12 digit owner number along with your last name. You can find your owner number on your Roanoke Co+op owner card, or in the election notice mailed to your home
  • For in-person voting, fill out a ballot at either co-op location, drop it in an envelope with your full name and address on the front of the envelope and drop it into the ballot box.
  • Online votes must be cast by midnight Wednesday, May 19.
  • In-person votes must be received by Sunday, May 19 at 12noon at either co-op location or 6:30pm at the Annual Owner Social and Meeting.
  • For owners that accidentally cast more than one vote, the online vote or the first paper ballot checked will be the only vote to count.
    Ballots not meeting the criteria above will be disallowed. In-person or online, you are voting by secret ballot; your name will not be associated with your vote.

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